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How to solve quartz stone color difference?

The author: admin Time: 2017-07-03 From: 未知
Abstract: How to solve quartz stone color difference?

1, strict customs purchase of raw materials, regardless of any kind of raw material, in addition to first come to check its basic conditions (impurities, whiteness, weight, size), the sample to be closed for preservation. When the second batch of raw materials with standard models of storage, to be compared, there is no difference depends on whiteness, there is no difference in particle size, etc., make a record. The same number of products as possible with the same batch of raw material, if not first suppress small plates and large plates than before adjustment operation approximation, it is best to first unified quartz powder mixed before use.

2, the toner must be weighed simultaneous presence of two, said the former first material inspection and approval, to minimize errors, able to do so, with a three-roll mill before operation, to second in the resin is poured into barrels , the gas must first deposit, lowered position, as close as possible into the resin to prevent toner splash, the resin was stirred for a toner according to the number increasing or decreasing mixing time, mixing time, once fixed, can not be free from the same batch change.

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